Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

by Tino on November 4, 2010

  • Reduce your recruitment related costs, therefore improving your Cost Per Hire.
  • Reduce your recruitment administration time.
  • Streamline the entire recruitment process and ensure best practices.
  • Reduce the Time to Hire.
  • Increase retention and productivity (Increasing the Quality of Hire)
  • Improve communication internally and externally.
  • Reduce the paperwork within the recruitment process and improve overall efficiencies.
  • Improve the strategic decision making process (based upon quality metrics and talent intelligence).
  • Improve internal mobility within an organization.
  • Improve and automate EEO/ OFCCP monitoring and reporting
  • Automation of the requisition approval process
  • Facilitates better workforce planning and budgeting.
  • Creates a database for the future: Pipelines and bench strength
  • Time saving in finding candidates. Stops duplicate submissions.
  • Improves your employment brand
  • To have a database for just in time recruiting (Pipeline) of candidates you can draw from when needs arise
  • Talent intelligence to be able to make informed decisions, especially as it relates to the critical skilled positions.
  • Help crystalize your sourcing strategies.  IE: where am I deriving the best results from our search efforts and the data support?
  • Manages Job fairs, travel expenses, background checks other misc.
  • Critical in management of an internal or external recruitment staff
  • Measurement and goal setting
  • Direct access to social media portals
  • Marketing through job postings

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