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Cathy Mathers - Project Coordinator

Cathy Mathers Cathy Mathers


  • Project Coordinator
  • HR Specialist
  • Staffing Recruiter
  • Head Hunting
  • Outsourcing


Phone: (312) 2356473 x124 or + (506) 2228-3090 x 124
Centro Comercial Paco
Guachipelin, Escazu
San Jose,
Costa Rica

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Cathy brings to the Recruiting Specialist/Project Coordinator role a wealth of tangible and applicable experience from her years in communication and advertising. Cathy started her career in Toronto, Canada, within the fast paced and dynamic world of advertising and communications for one of the most elite agencies in the world 'Young & Rubicam Inc.'. Over the years she has built a skill set of consisting of deciphering client needs, recognizing market opportunities and project coordination.

Cathy is part of the World Concert team in our Costa Rican office. She brings her wealth of experience and knowledge, backed by her degree in Business Administration, Automotive Marketing, thus ensuring her to effectively and productively support all aspects of the business when dealing with clients in Canada and the United States alike.

Being a self-proclaimed 'people person' Cathy has definitely found her niche in the world of recruiting and finding the perfect person for the job!

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