Product Overview

On Demand RPO

Are there parts of your recruitment process that you would like to outsource but not necessarily the entire process? Our On Demand model can provide a variety of our services such as sourcing, screening or technology consulting for your organization on an on demand basis. This model can provide your team scalability and flexibility to meet your business goals.

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Workforce Planning
  • Project management
  • On-site team
  • Requisition Management
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Interview Management
  • Offer Management
  • On-boarding
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting & Setup
  • ATS Implementation
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • On-boarding tools

Statistics Our model is different in that our teams have true expertise in sourcing and recruitment. Due to the fact that we were established out of executive search, we can provide a unique lens in both understanding and servicing our clients on an on demand basis. We combine this with a strong process and delivery model. We will sit down with you to design the right solution for your organization. Our goal is to become an extension of your existing talent acquisition team in order to supplement or augment the services to your client. These services can be expanded or contracted to meet your specific needs.

Current Workforce Dynamics


79% of companies report a big gap in their talent pipeline, 40% of companies
say it is an acute problem

Source: Deloitte, Hewitt, Lominger/Ulrich, Towers/Perrin, HR Institute, US Census, Today Show,

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