Product Overview

RPO Technology Consulting

Our job is to make your job simpler. We are experts in designing technology solutions to enhance your talent acquisition process. We do not just plug it in and leave. We work with you in order to develop and use a solution that is built around your recruiting and HR processes. For more than ten years we have learned to speak your language and take pride in the fact that we are pretty fluent.

  • Internet Research,
  • Sourcing Tools & Training
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting & Setup
  • ATS Implementation
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, ...
  • High End Recruiting Databases
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Advanced Services
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • On-boarding tools
  • User Analytics

Contact Us

Tino Langner
Tino Langner
Director of Technologies & Intl. Developments
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Christopher Coulter
Christopher Coulter
Director of Application Development
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Fernando Bonilla
Fernando Bonilla
Project Coordinator
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Current Workforce Dynamics

1 : 2

Just 1 experienced hire will enter the workforce for every 2 that leave

Source: Deloitte, Hewitt, Lominger/Ulrich, Towers/Perrin, HR Institute, US Census, Today Show,

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